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PaperHelp is a writing service that provides academic assistance for the students. Services include (but are not limited to) editing, proofreading, research, writing of various types of papers (essays, reports, term papers, projects, public speeches, presentations) in multiple academic disciplines, assistance in taking tests, solving assignments, etc.

PaperHelp writing services comprise of many additional benefits, such as free revisions, plagiarism check, possibility to choose an advanced writer, possibility to obtain PaperHelp discount code as a part of a customer loyalty program, money-back guarantee, various channels enabling communication with Paper Help support team 24/7, and many more.


The company was founded in 2008 and has been operational to the date.


Most PaperHelp.org reviews that can be found online are positive, although, for obvious reasons, anonymous. Testimonials on the official website are given in the form of short videos collected from YouTube, each one describing experiences of a single customer, whose name isn’t given. There is also a block with short quotes and star ratings, where reviewers are referred only by their first names and area of residence to maintain anonymity. Reviewers praise high quality, on-time delivery, and moderate prices of the service.


PaperHelp org complaints are mostly about research being too thorough, which can attract attention and raise suspicion of the instructors if the prior scores of a student were considerably lower. There are some rare instances of the service being unable to find a writer for a very peculiar academic topic. Among other causes of discontent customers sometimes indicate the need for multiple revisions, although such instances are usually caused by inaccurate guidelines given to the writer in the first place.


The service operates in most countries where the English language is spoken and papers written in English might be demanded from students by local colleges and universities and as such employs remote writers based mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Calls are toll-free regardless of customer location.

PaperHelp legal information

From the legal point, all materials that the company delivers to its customers are intended as reference material for the research, an example, and a template to follow in conducting their own independent research. Should a client choose to submit such materials as their own academic work, all allegations of intellectual dishonesty, academic fraud, copyright infringement, etc. would become the aforementioned client’s liability. The more detailed version of the disclaimer can be viewed on the official website of the service.

Meanwhile, the company guarantees the security of clients’ personal data and their complete anonymity. Emails used for website login, names, phone numbers, etc. are safe and cannot be connected to the ordered paper by third parties. Other information might be used for legal purposes of research and service improvement in the form of non-personally identifiable data.


The website has recently undergone a complete redesign to make it more appealing and user-friendly. The interactive elements were recently introduced to encourage newcomers (a friendly mascot, wheel of fortune, comic strips, etc.)

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